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Kitty's Korner =^- . -^=
Me(ow)! Stuff


Me(ow)! Stuff
Some Page I'll make up later

If you must pry, I am about 5'2, 117 lbs, and fair skinned, with shoulder length brown hair that bleaches golden in the sun, and brown hazel eyes. And no, at this point in time, I'm not looking!

I'm a Brooklynite, born and bred. For those of you not from my neck of the woods, Brooklyn is a city that was illegally annexed by New York City in 1898. It's been down hill from there.

I've basically lived my whole life in Brooklyn and didn't live elsewhere till I went off to college in Nowheresville, NY. No, but really, it's called Cortland, and like, nobody's heard of it. It's in central NY near Syracuse. I'm a freshman at SUNY [State University of NY] at Cortland and I think I've finally picked a major and a minor, which is akin to having to pick your whole future (yikes!). I am an aspiring HS Math Teacher, with a minor in Music.

What I dig

Math (duh!), singing, playing my violin, role playing, rock climbing, most sports, reading, sci-fi, animals, especially kats of all kinds, etc. (This could obviously go on forever.)


My first, I believe, had to be Star Wars, and that one started in the last year of junior high school. This basically involved finding all the books I could, but even tho there are more books being written, I have not done much about this obsession in a while.
The next obsession would have to be Star Trek. Still very much into this, I started this one senior year of high school, and I watch all movies, read many of the books, watch some of the shows. I'm mostly into the original Trek, The Next Generation, and The New Frontier. My favorite character, you might have noticed, is Spock (see pic below). Yup that's me, lol!

Halloween; 1999.


Last but certainly not least, and the strongest and most recent of my obsessions, is The Phantom of the Opera. One of the most moving stories I have ever come across, much of the true story is unknown, leaving it forever obscured by mystery. Yes, I'm one of those who believed a talented genius by the name of Erik did live in and 'haunt' the Paris Opera House. This one has got me in deep. I listen to the soundtrack from the musical, I read all available versions of Phantom, I role play in who knows how many clubs it is now. I search out websites on PotO, especially ones with Phan Phic. Writing Phic is a wonderful way to identify with the character of Erik. I hope to write some someday. It's become a life for me in a way.

Other Faves

Movies (some, not all)
Any Trek movie, with the exception of STI: The Motion[less] Picture, Star Wars 4-6, anything by or with Mel Brooks, Ever After, Adventures in Babysitting, Noises Off, any version of A Christmas Carol, any version of Cinderella...

Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Cats, Rent, Miss Saigon...

Star Trek: TOS, TNG, or New Frontier, Star Wars, The Cat Who... by Lillian Jackson Braun, Phantom by Susan Kay, Shakespearian comedies, Hamlet, A Tale of Two Cities by Chares Dickens, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury...

TV Shows
Star Trek, Frasier, Will & Grace, Rosie O'Donell, The View, Roswell, Just Shoot Me, Caroline in the City, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Jeopardy...

Football!!, and baseball.

Basically anything but Rap, Country, and Techno. Faves include The Police, Queen, The Beatles, Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Elton John, lots of old stuff from the late 50's onward, the Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden, classical, etc. I'm rather open minded about what I listen to.