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Kitty's Korner =^- . -^=

Beware of mad phantoms and rabid kats! Or is that the other way around? ;)

Me(ow)! Stuff
Some Page I'll make up later

Before I say anything else, I must give thanks to my very good friend Ron, who let me use a part of his site so that I may bungle my way thru my first attempt at creating a web page. :D

Like I said, this is my first crack at the web page thing, so be patient, and I'll try to keep things up to date. Somewhere on this site is a link to the Yahoo! club rpg I participate most in. I hope to add some of my own phan phic I've been working on and a fave phantom links page. Till then, you're stuck with info about me. :D

What's New?

This whole page, that's what. More to come. Be patient!

Enter Erik's Phantasy...

Click the rose to find my friend's Phantom rpg, in which I have several parts. ^_~

Please sign the guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. It's also erm, 'borrowed'. :D