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Popular Science

These texts are recommended for those who want an overview of the topics in modern science without the precise technical mathematics of theoretical science. Some of these, like QED and The Elegant Universe, are recommended even for those who want to learn the advanced topics required to work with these theories.

From Classical Mechanics to Quantum Field Theory

For those who are studying in the hopes of understanding modern physics through quantum field theory, these texts are highly recommended, both for readability and depth of subject covered within each.

Requisite Mathematics

In order to learn physical theory, it is absolutely necessary to understand advanced logical constructs, ie. mathematics. ;) And I'm going to bet that you will get sidetracked into some fascinating mathematical area while studying in order to learn more about a physical theory. It's perfectly normal. :)

Movies and Television Shows

These are some of my favourite movies and television series, which are available on DVD.


These are some of my favourite music CDs. :)

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