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     All traces conceived and implemented by Ronald A. Lett and rendered by POV-Ray v.3.02 and 3.1beta

(To set any of these images as wallpaper, click on the image to get a larger size, then right-click and choose "Set as Wallpaper")

PSP Stuff
OrangechaosOne of Kitty's PSP drawings.


Click on the image to see it at 800x600 24-bit color . The source code is below each image . This particular image is an experiment with the Moray modeller (the bannister columns) and image and height mapping (the sea and islands) .Lost the original and source code was acting up, so I did the Photoshop thing . See for yourself :-)

Source code (6.8K POV file)

This is the first time I traced the Intercon landing platform . There are no lighting effects and a simple sky background . The sea is not a height map ! Made with sphere, cylinder, and box primitives .

Source code (N/A)

This is the second and final rendering of the landing platform with all lighting and a layered sky added . Makes a great Windows desktop :-)

Source code (3.95K POV file)

The buttonI made this for my desktop, so this is just showing off. Some pics of my brother and sister on the walls, I'm in the frame on the table...

Another buttonMy first experimentation with those weird media and fog objects . This image is just a start on a larger one, so watch this spot ! Sorry, I only rendered it in 640x480, so no desktop . :-( . (Newer, more experimentation with v3.1 stuff)

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