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You can sometimes find me on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in the channel #HSW or on YMessenger. Click here to view user stats for #HSW. Note that the stats are biased as they're only gathered when I'm connected to the channel. If you have mIRC, try the links below to connect to #HSW on a Nightstar server (Be sure to launch mIRC first, and make sure 'File>Options>IRC>Catcher>Enable support for chat links' is checked. If this is your first launch, you'll also want to input a nickname into File>Options>Connect) :

For limited Java access to #HSW, click here.
  1. If you don't have mIRC, you can download it here. It's a very small program compared to today's instant message services. Following is the manual way to connect to #HSW using mIRC. To set up Trillian, click here
  2. After installation, start mIRC and go to File>Options>IRC>Catcher and make sure "Enable support for chat links" and "Confirm chat link requests" are both checked. This will allow you to click on the links above to enter the channel, and alert you if a page tries to connect you to a channel without your permission.
  3. This is the manual way to get to #HSW using only mIRC (you will have to set a nickname anyway). Go to the Options window if it's not already open and the first menu, "Connect". You want your screen to look like this:

    Note that you do not have to enter your real name, just something. The alternative nickname is for the occasions when you try to join, but someone else on the server already has your primary nickname.
  4. If Nightstar is not listed on the list of Networks, click on the "Add" button. You want to fill out the window so that it looks like this:

    When you click Add, you should now have a Nightstar network listed and a server called "Nightstar:Random Server". If you want a specific server, just Add another under the same "Nightstar" Group, but a different Description. For example, as I'm in New York, I like to connect to the NY server, with the address "DeepThought.NY.US.Nightstar.Net" (List of Nightstar server addresses). It is not necessary to connect to a server in your area.
  5. When you're all set, click "Connect to IRC Server". The Status window will come up and try to connect. When successful, the initial screen will look like this:

    before being scrolled up by the server's "Message of the Day". You should read this message before continuing. :-)
  6. Now you can join #HSW. :-) Just type
    /join #HSW
    in the Status window and a new window will pop-up, which is our channel. Congrats! :-) We may not be there at the time, but check in from time to time and one of us should be in. You can simply leave your Nick in the channel and minimize mIRC while you do other things. If you do this, it's a good idea to click on the icon in the title bar of the #HSW window and choose "Flashing" from the menu that pops up. Thus, if someone says something while you're in another window, the mIRC taskbar button will start flashing. :-)
  7. You may not want to type
    /join #HSW
    every time you connect. Go to File>Options>Connect>Perform, type it into the text box and make sure "Enable perform on connect" is checked. Press "Ok" when done. Now the command will be performed every time you connect.

For those new to IRC, click here for an introduction and a brief list of commands.

Online Comics

These are the online comics I follow religiously. :) If you're interested, you definitely have to work your way through the archives, as all three are continuous storylines. The forums are always fun.

Sluggy Freelance is the oldest of the three, and one of the best. It's characters have been through scifi, fantasy, college, intrigue, thrillers, action, adventure, and all through have kept a coherent plotline and great characters. Worship the Comic.

Fur Will Fly


Alabama Legislature Redefines Pi

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