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First, exit Trillian (right-click the tray icon and select Exit). Now, start Trillian again. Click on the tray icon to bring up the Buddy List window and make sure the IRC icon is in disconnected status (a gray circle instead of a disk), as shown below :

If it is not, click it and select disconnect. Now, click the IRC icon and go to Connection Manager, which should look like this:

Click the "Add" button below the server list to add a server. Fill out the window as it looks below to add the New York Nightstar server under the folder Nightstar. The full server name is blocked from view, it reads "DeepThought.NY.US.Nightstar.Net" in full.

Click Add and you'll go back to Connection Manager. Go to the Nightstar folder and click on your new server to fill out the boxes :

Now, go to the Perform Buffer tab and make it join #HSW whenever you connect as shown below :

That's it. Now, when you press connect, it will spend a few seconds connecting to DeepThought, and then #HSW will pop up. Hope to see you there! =)

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